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The Most Popular Brand Building Course for Brand Owners?

11 Dec 2023

Business owners of small and medium-sized brands are over the moon! And why not? Off late, they have been receiving some mind-blowing knowledge and business insights that have changed the way they operate for better. We are talking about the eye-opening, right-on-the-money ‘30 days email course for business owners’. An absolutely free course for business owners, it is opening up new avenues for them to re-look at their marketing strategies and giving them a never-before outlook about their business, brand identity, target audience, competitors, changing trends and much more.

Crafted by Sadhana and Vineet, co-founders at Brand Bazooka advertising, the course spills the beans on the most important aspects of brand building that no advertising or marketing agency talks about beforehand. With an aim to support business owners in their journeys and empower them with the knowledge they need to take their brands to newer heights, the course is an embodiment of their 15-year-long and rich experience as one of the leading mainline cum digital advertising and marketing agencies.

So, what is this course all about and why is it making business owners so happy? Today when everything comes at a cost, this course is absolutely free and focuses on all the pain points that most of the business owners suffer from. It is empowering them to strengthen their position and find new ways to evolve by fortifying their knowledge base through 30 different topics that a brand must know like the back of its hand. The course is an excellent knowledge source for those who want their brand to grow in a highly competitive world and make it a household name. Whether a brand is taking baby steps in its journey or has already come a distance, this course caters to both and offers great ways to explore their full potential and grow exponentially.

For a better understanding, let’s have a look at the takeaways that the free online course offers and how those takeaways play a significant role in helping brands grow through valuable insights and strategies.

The course focuses on the branding fundamentals, explaining what a brand stands for and how a business owner should always aim to create a unique brand. From choosing the right name to creating an eye-catching logo it talks about everything in great detail. It also talks about the importance of brand identity and also gives away the various ways how a brand identity must be created. Few chapters dive deep into the realm of customers and explain how a brand should create a buyer’s persona before trying to sell anything. How creating a target audience helps to sell to the right customers is one of the highlights of the whole program.

Communication is one of the most important parts of marketing in today’s fast-paced world, especially in the digital era where every brand is trying to catch its customer’s attention. The course focuses on the importance of the right messaging and also tells how to create one. A dedicated chapter on packaging is something that comes like a fresh breath of air. In today’s digital age where every brand is focusing on creating ads, posts and reels to sell products, this course brings back the importance of packaging and beautifully explains why it must be valued more than ever.

It also dives deep into the need of creating social media profiles, generating traffic to get more leads, being consistent with your brand’s identity and messaging, catching the target audience attention by making them emotional, etc. in a nutshell, the 30-day email course talks about everything that every new or old brand must know about. Owing to the fierce competition, rapidly changing market trends and decreasing attention spans of customers, a brand finds it very difficult to make a connection with its target audience, especially if it is relatively new. The topics covered in this free 30-day email course are a sure shot way to grow a brand by leaps and bounds and also to create trust and goodwill in the market.

Sadhana Karwal, co-founder Brand Bazooka Advertising says, “In our 15-year-long journey we have worked with over 200 national and international brands. We worked with established ones as well as start-ups. When it came to branding, target audience, innovative solutions, etc., they all had their sets of challenges. Post pandemic, we saw many small businesses bid adieu and we realised that they could have done better or survived longer if they had the knowledge of branding and marketing that we did. That’s how the 30 day email course was born. We wanted to support small and mid-sized business owners to understand their industry, market and customers better. We wanted them to take charge and stay ahead in the game. Since we can’t reach out to them one by one, we decided to share our knowledge with them online. Hundreds of business owners are benefitting from our experience and expertise and we are glad that they are on their way to grow beyond expectations and taste success like never before.”

The 30-days email course on brand building also offers examples of many national and international brands to put the points across. These examples are a great way to understand various aspects of business and many business owners will draw inspiration from them. They are like small case studies that offer great marketing insights and teach business tricks through real-life examples.

If you are a business owner who wishes to turn its brand into a household name, then you must subscribe to this free email course. These insights and knowledge will go a long way to help your brand find a stronger foothold in its market and it will be able to appeal to a larger customer base.

Subscribe to it today and get 30 free lessons to build your brand bigger than ever.

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