Your website is the bridge that connects you with your customers. Any roadblock can hamper the interaction and lead to dissatisfaction. That’s why it is important that your website works 24×7 without any problem. At Brand Bazooka, we offer reliable and continuous services for website maintenance, performance and support. So, every time your customers visit your website, they never have to struggle to go through what they are looking for. To put them and yourself at ease, get in touch with us and leave all website maintenance worries behind. As a leading website maintenance agency, we offer comprehensive and competitive website maintenance services and plans suiting to your needs and goals.



on monthly basis

Maintaining & Updating

of the website ensuring an interruption-free flow of traffic bringing higher conversions and better ROI for your brand

Technical Consultation

support that makes the website perform and run better


offering AMC services like modifications or installations of plug-ins and forms


of content, images, events, etc.

Bug Fixing

taking care of all technical issues


as and when required

Security Drill

to ensure smooth functioning and performance check


As one of the leading website maintenance companies based out of Gurgaon, we are completely professional in our approach when it comes to providing best website maintenance services and give all our clients the same amount of time, attention, expertise and value. For us, every client is as important as the previous or next one. That’s one reason why we have been able to achieve a very high level of reliability and gratification with all of them. We follow a formal and simple process to take things forward with all our clients. Here are its steps:


Website maintenance is a highly technical process that demands dedicated attention and support. At brand Bazooka, we have been providing the most reliable and hassle-free website maintenanceservices through our customised website maintenance packages and plans to dozens of brands. Our website maintenance services make sure that your website runs smooth every day without facing any problems and stays up to date.

Depending on the nature of your website and its objectives, we offer pragmatic and cost-effective website and server maintenance service plans that cover all the support needed. No matter what size of business or website you run, we have a website maintenance plan for each and every one.

Be it website maintenance services for WordPress or PHP maintenance & support services, we are here to help!

Our web maintenance plans cover the following TechStack:

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Branding is nothing but the identity of your brand. It is what differentiates you from your competitors. If the identity itself is not right, it is a no-brainer that the rest will also go wrong.

ATL (Above the Line) agencies which are also known as mainline agencies are better equipped to work only on mainstream media campaigns, such as TV, radio and billboard campaigns. Likewise, a BTL (Below the Line) agency is better able to help you with only non-mainstream media campaigns, such as events, emails, brochures etc. In today’s world, brands need the right combination of both, ATL and BTL advertising.A full service agency such as ours has resources, capabilities and experience to create a 360-degree campaign that reaches and engages customers at all possible touch points effectively.

Is it worth going to a doctor when you can take medicines as per your limited medical knowledge? Well, you know the answer now. Digital marketing agencies have expert writers, designers, SEO specialists and strategists whose rich knowledge and skills can help your brand get what it aims for.

It may take a few days or several months depending on your requirement. Get in touch with us and share your requirements, so that we can tell you how long it will take to build a website for your brand.

The cost of a website depends on its type, design, pages, plug-ins, site integration, language versions and more. If you have a website requirement, get in touch with us to know how much it will cost you as per your requirements.

Small businesses are often low on marketing budgets and can not afford to spend large amounts of money on traditional marketing media such as TV and hoardings. That is where social media can work wonders. With the help of social media platforms, information about small businesses can be spread to millions of people in quick and cost-efficient ways.