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12 Dec 2023

Do You Know Facebook Recently Changed its Logo? What? What Did They Do With It?

Well, they have made some subtle but quite distinct changes to its logo. In the new logo, the font is slightly slimmer and sleeker, though the biggest difference in the new logo is the letter ‘a’ which gives it quite a new look. Below is the new Facebook logo – which is a subtle tweaking of its iconic Klavika typeface.

The old logo appeared in 2005 when ‘The Facebook’ became ‘Facebook’. It was kind of a turning point for Facebook as the logo became easy to recognize.
Now whenever a change like this happens with a brand, a certain backlash is bound to happen. However Facebook’s creative director, Josh Higgins believes that the new logo is friendly and approachable. He further stated that this has been done with an intention to be taken seriously.

So the question is, was Facebook not taken seriously and yet it became a 36 billion dollars company with many acquisitions? They must be at least aiming at the threefold rise in revenues which stands at around 12 billion dollars with the new logo 🙂

In the past, some major brands changed their logo but they had to come back to the previous one after the backlash. One of the prominent examples is GAP, a US-based clothing giant. They changed their logo in 2010 and went back to the previous one soon after customers termed it as cheap and dull. Others were BP, MasterCard, and Tropicana among many others.

The difference here is that other major brands made significant changes in their logo or some even completely did the re-branding but Facebook has played safe with doing only minute changes. This could go either way for them, but as of now it will be a wait and watch the situation.

TTill now some have liked it and some didn’t but sure it is making a lot of waves on social media. Twitter is flooded with tweets on #facebooklogo trend.

It would be interesting to see more and more reactions to it and what this change does for Facebook. Will Facebook retain the new logo or will revert to the previous one? Only time will tell.

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