Brand Engagement With The Next Level of Audience : GEN Z

The consumers are ahead of the curve. They are agile and receptive to newer technologies. They’re early adopters of new social networks, and trends, while being skeptical of conventional advertising practices. These qualities provide a plethora of exciting opportunities and challenges in engaging with the GEN Z audience – an audience if tapped properly could […]

Online Advertising: Origins & Future Trends

Let us start with a fundamental question: Is advertising even relevant as a factor in sales today? The answer is a resounding yes. Even the largest companies and the biggest products benefit from advertising. That’s because advertising allows us to spread our message to the most amount of people at once, rather than individually. This […]

BribeIsGood, Our Launch Campaign For

Compare Munafa is an eCommerce site that marries two concepts to make shopping easy and fun. One, it’s a comparison site and helps you save money by comparing prices across stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, etc. Two, it rewards shoppers with Munafa Points, which can be used to pay mobile bills, DTH recharges or even […]

Meta rolls the dice in favour of advertisers: rolls out new ad formats across platforms

Just before the festive season begins, Meta has given brands a golden opportunity to reach out to their target audience across its social platforms. Launching new ad placements and formats, it has empowered brands to now place ads in Explore home, the grid people see when they first arrive on the Explore tab, on Instagram. […]