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5 Interesting Facts About Brand Dabur

14TH AUG 2019

Dabur has, of late, come in the news for all the wrong reasons. Still, this is a company whose products we have consumed since our childhood. Let us know some of the trivia about this famous Indian brand, the brand which is valued at several billion dollars.

1. The Name

The name Dabur is derived from the founder’s name (Dr SK Burman) who was popularly known as Daktor Burman

2. Purpose

Dabur was formed in 1884 mainly to produce and dispense Ayurvedic medicines. It is India’s largest Ayurvedic medicine producer and among the top 5 FMCG brands in the country.

3. Digital Presence

Dabur has limited digital presence. Even though it’s a billion dollar FMCG company, it has less than 4500 likes on its facebook page. Information is mostly available in the form of presentations on websites like slideshare or scribd.

4. Other Businesses

Apart from its Ayurvedic products business, Dabur is also in the Gum Manufacturing business, which it runs under the brand name Dabisco.

5. Controversy

Name of former executive director, Pradip Burman was listed in the list of black money account holders on 27 October 2014 when the government revealed the names in court. Burman is also the Founder and Chairman of the CSR initiative of Dabur called “SUNDESH” which is working to make life better in the rural sector of India.

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