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5 Critical SEO Considerations for SEO in 2022

11 Dec 2023

When it comes to SEO, change is the only constant.
However, the ranking factors change much more slowly than most people think.
Knowing what they are and structuring your SEO around them is extremely important to stay on top of your game.

Here are 5 such factors that you must consider in 2022.

1. EAT –

EAT stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trust, the three most important ranking factors used to determine a particular site’s content quality. The acronym was created by Google for its Search Quality Guidelines to train evaluators of Google’s search algorithms results.

Here are the meaning of these 3 words.
Expertise:This is all about how you can demonstrate that you are an expert in your area. Your accuracy and depth of content help you a lot to show your expertise. So have experts on board to push content and audit your site regularly.
Authority:Authority is nothing but expertise with an audience. Authority builds as and how people start viewing, sharing and engaging with your content. To build authority, content promotion is a must.
Trust:: It is the overall perception of your website and brand that is built over time. To build trust, it is important for people to know that you have both expertise and authority and that your content is highly valuable to them. Having certain quality standards for your content and references from high-tier domains help a lot in this area.

2. Page Experience –

The ‘page experience update’ of 2021 is here to stay till 2022 and maybe even longer. As per Google, it is a set of signals that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with a web page beyond its pure information value.
This update uses ‘Core Web Vitals’ to provide a holistic picture of the user experience.
Core Web Vitals touch upon the three important areas of experience – Page loading performance, ease of interaction and visual stability of a page from a user’s perspective. Considering these factors for your website is extremely important.

3. Link Building and citations –

Link building and citations have always been massively important in SEO strategy and will continue to be so in 2022 as well.
Here are 3 factors one must consider when it comes to link-building and citations.

  • Quality –Links from high-quality sites carry much more weight than low-quality ones.
  • Quantity –When it comes to the number of links, more the better, always.
  • Anchor text –Your anchor text profile should always be relevant.

4. Toxins –

Toxins are nothing but deceptive SEO tactics. The 6 major kinds of toxins are cloaking, keyword stuffing, paid schemes, phantom text, plagiarised content and intrusive UX. Google discounts sites that use such toxins. Hence it is important to avoid them.

5. Voice Search –

Usage of voice search has increased over time and it is expected to increase even more in the near future. Having content that is optimised for voice search can take your business a long way. Using long-tail keywords, optimising your content for rich answers by using FAQs, using conversational language, and having a mobile-friendly site are some of the many ways one must follow to optimise their content for voice search.


The ever-changing nature of SEO may seem to complicate things. However, structuring your content around the above factors for 2022 will help you a great deal to fetch the results you aim for. However, having the basics right and focusing on user experience is sure to help you reach your goals.
If you don’t have the expertise and time to work on these strategies, seek assistance from an SEO agency in Gurgaon today!

If you have not already started creating such content, do it now! With the growth in voice search, let your business grow too. A reputed digital marketing agency that is well experienced in local SEO, website designing and inbound marketing can help your business reach its target audience in the most effective and efficient ways. To know more about how your content can be optimised for voice search in 2022, talk to our web marketing experts. Contact Brand Bazooka Pvt. Ltd. to start the optimisation process today!

About Author:

Vineet Karwal is the co-founder of Brand Bazooka. With a keen eye for the latest trends in the industry, he seamlessly blends his strategic acumen with boundless creativity to craft innovative solutions for his clients. His extensive experience coupled with his disruptive approach has helped his clients, such as ShopClues, Ebro foods (Panzani Pasta), MySchool, Linc Pens and more, see their numbers grow.

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