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Meta rolls the dice in favour of advertisers: rolls out new ad formats across platforms

12 Dec 2023

Just before the festive season begins, Meta has given brands a golden opportunity to reach out to their target audience across its social platforms. Launching new ad placements and formats, it has empowered brands to now place ads in Explore home, the grid people see when they first arrive on the Explore tab, on Instagram. The initiative by Meta gives advertisers more power to connect better with their potential audience and reach out to them in a more intuitive manner. Changing the Meta marketing and advertising game for good, the new ad format comes as a fresh breath of air for brands looking to attract attention and gain a new customer base. The step taken by Meta is a clear indication that they are going to focus more on Reels, which garner 30% of the overall customer attention.

Meta advertising, ruling the social media roost and always coming up with something new, giving advertisers an edge to advertise their products to maximum audience, has come up with this new plan based on customer engagement. Where when a person engages with an ad, its intuitive, machine-learning technology will send ads matching the interest of that person. This multi-advertiser contextual ad initiative has already passed the testing phase and produced higher results for advertisers compared to those who did not use the initiative. To further empower brands and advertisers to get a better grip on customers and expand reach, the new platform also plans to launch a free, premium-quality meta-sound collection which can be added to carousel ads on Reels. It will benefit in targeting the right audience who will get a variety of content on their Instagram account. How does this work, you ask? It allows a brand to choose the best song that matches with their content or else the app will choose the best suited song automatically for the content being advertised.

And the good news does not simply end here! Meta marketing is all set to launch a 4 to 10-second skippable and standalone video ads that start after a Reel has ended. These post-loop ads will ensure that brands get to connect and engage better with customers through Reels on Facebook. And when the ad finishes playing, the Reel will resume and loop again. Facebook Meta Commercial has also launched image carousel ads for Reels. Introduced as horizontally-scrollable ads, these will include anywhere between 2 and 10 image ads and get displayed at the bottom of Facebook Reels content.

Meta’s new ad format is a game-changer for advertisers. It will definitely give them an edge when it comes to retaining a customer or acquiring a new one. And this, we believe, is just the beginning of the new era of social media advertising. More updates will follow to enhance a brand’s performance and expand its customer base.

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