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Five Social Media Campaigns That Won Big in India

17 Apr 2024

India’s social media scene is a vibrant tapestry of trends, conversations, and clever marketing. Brands are constantly innovating to capture attention in this dynamic space with the help of their respective advertising agency on social media platforms like Facebook.

Here, we explore five campaigns that rocked the Indian social media landscape in recent years, each a testament to the power of creativity and audience understanding.


1 – Swiggy’s Delicious Voice Notes: Turning Cravings into Creations

In 2020, Swiggy, a leading food delivery app in India, capitalized on a new Instagram feature – voice notes in DMs. Their #Swiggy Voice of Hunger campaign transformed a simple feature into a delightful social media experience. Participants sent voice notes describing a dish Swiggy posted that day, with the challenge being to create a soundwave that matched the shape of the dish! Imagine describing a kebab skewer with your voice!

The campaign offered irresistible rewards – winners got Swiggy vouchers for a whole year! Over 150,000 people joined the fun in just ten days. Popular influencers like Srishti Dixit and Rohan Joshi added their voices , boosting the campaign’s reach and engagement.

Swiggy’s success went beyond promoting food delivery. They showcased their brand’s playful spirit with the help of the advertising agency services. This also allowed them to embrace a new social media feature in a truly creative way.

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2 – Samsonite’s Salute to Diwali Heroes: Celebrating the Unknown Heroes of Festivals

Samsonite’s 2019 Diwali ad touched our hearts. Their movie honoured the hidden heroes who transport us home for Diwali celebrations: pilots, flight attendants, bus drivers, and rail ticket inspectors. The film emphasised their hard work and sacrifices so families could rejoice together. Cricketers, actors, and even Miss World 2017 shared the video, increasing its popularity.

This ad did well because it focused on Diwali-related themes such as unity, family, and appreciation, and more because it was shared by many on social media.

3 – Amazon Prime Masters Moment Marketing: The Art of Capitalizing on Trends

Amazon Prime is known for its clever marketing, and in 2019, they were champions of ‘Moment marketing’. This method includes capitalising on popular subjects in order to engage people in a timely and relevant manner. When Bollywood actor Rahul Bose complained about being paid a high price for two bananas at a fancy hotel, numerous businesses responded to showcase their affordability. Amazon Prime’s response went viral.

They understood their audience – digital natives with a good sense of humour –and used humour to showcase the value Amazon Prime offers. Their witty response highlighted the platform’s competitive pricing. This campaign proves that successful marketing doesn’t always require months of planning; sometimes, being quick and responsive on social media can lead to big wins.

4 – Spotify Lights Up Diwali: Celebrating Festivals with Music

2019 saw the introduction of Spotify, a newcomer to the Indian market, with a major Diwali campaign starring Ishaan Khattar and Anil Kapoor from Bollywood. Their YouTube advertisement, which garnered 50 million views, showcased Spotify’s enormous song catalogue, which has over 50 million tracks.

The advertising campaign agency wanted Spotify to be a part of this joyous occasion, and their message was clear: enjoy their massive music collection absolutely free. The advertisement perfectly encapsulated Diwali, a time of reunions with family, colourful festivities, and fresh starts and is a great example of an effective social media ad.

5 – Ariel India: #SharetheLoad – A Powerful Message for Gender Equality

Ariel India struck a chord with hearts and minds in 2019 with their #SharetheLoad campaign. They released a powerful video showing a mom cleaning up after her son. The story takes a thought-provoking turn when her daughter reveals she quit her job because her husband wouldn’t help with housework. The mom realizes she’s perpetuating the same imbalance and starts teaching her son to do laundry.

This relatable scenario resonated deeply with millions, sparking conversations about gender roles and shared responsibility in households. The video garnered over 9 million views, and celebrities like Shifa Merchant and Rajkumar Rao joined the movement. Ariel India’s campaign transcended laundry detergent; it tackled a social issue in a relatable way, making it a powerful example of purpose-driven marketing on social media.

To Summarise

These five campaigns provide only a look into India’s dynamic social media marketing landscape. They demonstrate the strength of advertising campaign companies through innovation and audience comprehension. It even highlights their ability to harness trends promptly and meaningfully. As the Indian social media market evolves, companies that embrace these qualities will stand out and capture their audience’s hearts.

This article explores 5 social media campaigns that captivated India. From Swiggy’s creative voice note challenge to Ariel India’s powerful message for equality, these campaigns showcased the importance of Advertising Agency Services in understanding the audience and developing creative engaging content.

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