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Brand Troll War

17TH SEP 2019

Brands trolling each other through advertisement is nothing new to the world. Be it the Pepsi’s Halloween ad trolling Coke or Jaguar’s Chicken ad challenging Mercedes Benz.

This phenomenon has added spice to the marketing of brands. Earlier it was in the TVC’s and print but now it has expanded to social media and outdoor as well.

The latest in the series is Snapdeal trolling Flipkart’s #AcchaKiya campaign. Flipkart extensively ran the campaign on TV, social and print media. Snapdeal took a dig at the #AcchaKiya campaign by saying ‘Accha Kiya Bata Diya, #AbYahanSeKharido

This didn’t stop here, without much delay another e-commerce giant Amazon joined the war with ‘Kahin Nahi Mila? #YahanDekhLo.

Many others like CouponDunia, CompareMunafa, OLX, etc have joined the war too with their own trolls.

The troll war is still continuing and the truth is that people are enjoying every bit of it. It has also helped the brands in creating even more media presence and engage more and more people. With so many brands being active online, this trend is surely not going to end any time soon.

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