Social media marketing means the use of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with your audience to

  • Build and promote your brand
  • Sell your product or service
  • Drive website traffic

The key to successful social media marketing is
  • Publishing enticing content
  • Listening to your followers
  • Engaging your followers regularly
  • Constantly analysing your results
  • Running social media advertisements

Drive followers

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  • As of January 2022, there are 3.96 billion total social media users across all platforms
  • The average person bounces between 7 different social networks per month
  • The amount of time adults use social media across all platforms is now higher than ever - 95 minutes per day.



posts highlighting their
product and service


or real customer demos


posts highlighting the
brand’s personality


authentic, less produced

work on social media


contest or promotions


highly produced videos


collabs with celebrities,
influencers and creators


behind the scenes content



Whether you are a new or established brand, you constantly need to put your name out to stay relevant. A nicely crafted social media marketing plan makes sure that your brand stays in touch with its current customers and keeps them well aware of its product and service, both existing and new

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A product, whether it sits in a retail or online store, does not sell itself. It needs a promotion plan to draw the customer to it. That’s what social media marketing does - it brings the customer to the product. So you can sell more, generate higher revenues and achieve targets


A product, whether it sits in a retail or online store, does not sell itself. It needs a promotion plan to draw the customer to it. That’s what social media marketing does - it brings the customer to the product. So you can sell more, generate higher revenues and achieve targets

audience target


A brand’s first and foremost objective is to never seek satisfaction with its current customer base. It should always aim to expand and grow its market by acquiring new customers. In today’s cut-throat competition, social media marketing comes very handy to accomplish this task as it has the ability to take a brand right where its audience is.

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The very objective of social media is boosting engagement through interesting and informative ways that grab the attention of its current customers/followers. There are many ways to engage customers, like highlighting products and services, testimonials, benefits, etc. don’t forget that when it comes to social media, content is the king. So create only the best to become the best.


The very objective of social media is boosting engagement through interesting and informative ways that grab the attention of its current customers/followers. There are many ways to engage customers, like highlighting products and services, testimonials, benefits, etc. don’t forget that when it comes to social media, content is the king. So create only the best to become the best.



In today’s digital-first world where more and more brands are hopping the sell-it-online wagon, social media marketing does wonders when it comes to bringing people to your website. It is, without a doubt, the best tool to generate leads and traffic in the easiest manner.





Before you start with a social media marketing plan, be sure of the strategy. Strategy, to start with, consists of 4 important things. These are, your short and long-term goals, your target audience/potential customers, platform to choose to reach out to the target audience and the type of content that you want to share.
The success of a social media marketing plan relies on its strategy as much as on its execution.

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Publishing a post on social media platforms is no big deal. You can do it by just clicking a button. But what actually matters is the advanced planning of the content to be posted. Any content, whatever its objectives may be, must be thought through well and should not be spontaneous.
Right content at the right time and right frequency can make any brand successful on social media, and that is what a good SMM agency can help you with.



Social media is all about listening to your followers and engaging them with your brand. The more you do it, the better you become. Keep a close eye on their comments and shares, and, whenever possible, participate in the conversation. Interacting with the followers gives them a reason to believe in you. Monitoring their behaviour towards your brand will guide you in the right direction where you will be able to engage with them easily.

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After putting in all the hard work with the right content, planning, engagement, etc., you don’t want to miss on the most important thing that comes after them – keeping track of your social media marketing performance. Because that will answer many questions about brand awareness, website traffic, sales, more followers, etc.
With the right tools, it’s not a massive task to accomplish.

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Ever heard of social media advertising? Of course you have! Social media advertising is what you do to make your social media marketing successful when you have the funds needed for it. It allows you to reach out to new customers fast and easy. With the help of social media advertising platforms, you can actually choose which person to target.
Isn’t it amazing?! You can optimize your ads to make sure that you get the best return on your hard earned money, but only with the right social media advertising services offered by the right social media ad agency.

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Since you have come this far, we take it that you are interested to hire a social media marketing agency for your brand. That’s the first step of the process! As an award-winning social media agency with over 12 years of experience in social media marketing services, we can assure you that you have invested your time in the right place. Because we can help you with everything - strategy, planning, publishing, engagement, analytics and advertising, just like we have been doing for dozens of other brands in real estate, FMCG, IT, hospitality, education, apparel and more.
As also a trusted social media agency for influencers, Brand Bazooka helps brands maximize their reach and impact by strategically partnering with influential personalities across various social media platforms. Whether it's identifying the right influencers, crafting engaging content, or measuring campaign success, Brand Bazooka, as an influencer marketing agency specializing in providing top- notch influencer marketing services, is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and driving brand growth through the art of influencer marketing.
So be it social media marketing for small business or big brand, social media marketing for local business or a global brand, we can:

Help you connect to your audience better

Increase brand awareness with minimum effort

Grow website traffic multi-fold

Take your product and service to the right audience

Increase the number of total followers

Engage customers and analyse their response instantly

Increase sales and profit

Make your brand popular on social media platforms

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What our Clients say

What our Clients say


frequently asked questions

Social media marketing is the best way to reach out to the audience. In a world where there are almost four billion social media users, companies just cannot ignore the importance of social media marketing. Over the last decade, social media has achieved unprecedented heights and has now become the most preferred choice of brands across the globe. On average, a person spends over 95 minutes on social media every day and uses seven different social media platforms. From a company’s point of view, social media is where its customers are. Which is why it must be present there, too. Social media marketing is growing every day and offers a lot of potential for companies to grow with it, across all industries.

We live in the digital-first world today. There was a time when customers used to walk into stores to make purchases. Times have changed now. They are still purchasing products but from the comfort of their homes, using their mobiles and laptops. To make sure that they buy your products, you have to use the power of social media. Being present on social media makes you stay relevant, evolve and reshape as per the rapidly changing market and customers preferences. Social media also helps you target the right kind of customers, reach out to a large customer base instantly and measure the impact of your campaigns. Which means that you can always scale up or down depending upon the response you get.

Definitely. Social media can be used for many objectives and brand awareness is one of them. In fact, social media is the best for brand awareness because it empowers you to reach out to a large customer base within minutes and, that too, at a very competitive budget. Social media offers many options to interact with your customers, like posts, ads, reels, stories, contests, etc., which means you can take your brand directly where you want. When it comes to brand awareness, many companies prefer to keep a separate budget for social media owing to its huge relevance and impact.

Social media works on predefined objectives. If you want more sales, your social media strategy, planning and campaigns will be solely dedicated towards increasing sales only. After a thorough analysis of the market, competitors, customer behaviour, etc., a social media marketing plan will be crafted. The campaign will focus on your product, its benefits, USPs and why it is better than the competitors. Your social media marketing plan will allow you to take your product to the potential audience who are more likely to buy it. Social media can help you sell your product throughout the country from a small city. It can expand your market and customer base overnight. A bigger market, higher reach and more customers means more sales and profit.

The best platform is the one where your customers are! What matters is your objective and what kind of target audience you are looking at. Though Facebook has been the most used platform, the last couple of years have witnessed the rise of Instagram and YouTube. The reason why Facebook is considered the best platform is because of its large user base and result-oriented track record. If you are looking to sell a product or create brand awareness, we suggest a mix of Facebook and Instagram to make the most of the current trends and opportunities.

Absolutely! SEO is a complex process and needs professional help. Here are 3 aspects of SEO that an expert can help you with.

  1. Website audit: An SEO expert examines your website and checks the analytics to understand what you are doing wrong and how you can improve.
  2. Keyword research: As easy as it may sound keyword research is quite complicated and requires expertise to arrive at the best list of words to be used in the content for a higher rank.
  3. Content creation: Anyone can create content. But content that is SEO optimised is possible only with the help of an SEO professional. Be it for off-page or on-page content the guidance of an SEO expert for both goes a long way.
  4. A non-expert can try pulling off what an SEO expert does. But the experience and expertise of a professional do make a huge difference to the ranking.

ROI is the return on investment. SEO ROI is the return on your SEO investment. In other words, it is the value generated by all your SEO practices in contrast to their cost.
It is an extremely important measure to understand if your SEO strategy or campaign is doing well or not. The higher the SEO ROI, the bigger the success of your SEO strategy or campaign.
It is one of the most common topics any SEO professional or agency has to address to its clients. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, any client who wants to invest his money and efforts in SEO practices will definitely ask how its success can be measured. The answer to that question lies in whether the SEO investment is giving the expected ROI or not. The formula for measuring SEO ROI is quite simple.
SEO ROI = (value of organic conversions - cost of SEO investments)/cost of SEO investments.
In other words, one needs to divide the SEO profit by SEO costs.

There are numerous people in the industry who call themselves SEO experts. But your job is to find out whether they are really experts or not, and if they are experts then whether they are the right fit for you or not. Do your research well, make a list of potential candidates and finalise one based on the following factors.
Track record: Find out if the candidate has a proven track record in the field of SEO. Check for his past work and whether he was really able to help brands that he worked on.
Professionalism: Have a call and try to understand how professionally he behaves. Ask him about his experience with other clients to get a rough idea about how he works professionally.
Expectations: Make a list of all your SEO expectations. Ask him if he can fulfil those. If he has previously worked on projects with similar deliverables as your expectations, it is definitely a plus point.
Charges: Ask him how much he would charge for services that you expect of him. See if it is under your budget and decide accordingly.

Digital marketing gives you both - information about your target audience and access to them. When you have data about your target audience and can reach them, there is no end to what all you can do to meet your business goals. From generating leads to converting them, digital marketing is useful every step of the way. That’s why, in today’s world, every brand, be it big or small, is using digital marketing in some or the other way. To stay ahead in the game, it is important that you too market your brand digitally.