Likly every brand Romero Living wanted to create a unique brand identity that’s easily recognized from a distance and in a crowd. Something that customers can proudly associate with .As a blanket manufacturer Romero Living understood how important it was to stand apart and be different.They were clear on what they wanted -to become a brand that customers keep in their hearts and minds,not just home. The brief given to us was straightforward – create something that is contemporary classy ,catchy and convincing . We took the brief seriously and went to create a memorable logo and a lot of other things to put it to good use.


Since blanket brands all are about the right font style and colours, we started by choosing the right colours palette consisting of three primary colours. The font chosen also reflected a ‘Contemporary and classy’ feel. We decided to use all letters in capital so insure that is reads well even from a distance on relatively smaller size. The name had two parts to it-the brand name ,Romero Living, and the tagline Blankets and More, to explain the nature of business. We decided to use different font size and colours for both, giving prominence to the name. Needless to say that the logo stood apart on each creative, be it on the visiting card ,letterhead, dairy, mugs, coasters, t-shirts, caps and office reception area. When you scroll down this page, you will see what we mean.