Mitsubishi – the name alone speaks volumes when it comes to technically advanced products. When we got to promote its ACs through our campaigns, we felt both cool and excited about the whole idea. Appealing to all types of target groups, we divided our campaigns into three forms – leaflets, social media posts and EDMs. Our understanding of the industry, through our work with Sansui, came handy to create campaigns that struck a chord with Mitsubishi’s future customers.
The social media campaign, worked around the festive season, created the wave that Mitsubishi needed to sail in the right direction and right into the hearts of customers. The leaflets and EDMs created the buzz for its ACs and penetrated into the right target base. All the three forms of advertising tools came together as one and empowered Mitsubishi garner accolades and catch eyeballs. Have a look at the work that made Mitsubishi famous in India, other than automobiles, of course.

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