Linc is one of India’s leading and most popular pen brands. It is available over almost every retail counter and has become the first choice of students across all age groups. Linc’s growing market share and popularity empowered it to launch its new pen ‘Pentonic’ in the market. When the creative duties were given to us, we were obviously over the moon. Since Linc is a legendary brand in its domain, it needed a marketing campaign that did complete justice to its name and reputation. While we were brainstorming, its tagline ‘Write the Future’ came very handy as we could see it shaping the launch campaign. We came up with multiple ideas that resonated well with the tagline and hence the marketing campaign was born.

We prepared a 360 degree launch campaign that included print ads, hoardings, posters, kiosk, airport branding, metro branding and more. The campaign served two primary objectives – launching Pentonic and taking Linc to niche audiences. Needless to say that it worked well to fulfil both objectives. The impact of the campaign came out to be very positive and also resulted in sales, after establishing Pentonic in the minds of its core audiences. Till date, it is considered one of Linc’s finest campaigns, especially when it comes to launching a product.

Linc Teacher’s Day Film

Any pen brand’s story is incomplete without paying tribute to the teachers of our nation. They are the ones who bring out the best in every child and pave a road to their promising future. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Linc decided to celebrate the teachers that come into our lives in various forms and teach us something valuable.

Exam Warrior

The Pulwama attack, a memorable and heartbreaking event, led to the loss of 40 brave
soldiers. In response, a 360-degree campaign was launched in multiple languages across
India, uniting the nation in condemnation and a quest for justice. The government’s decisive
air strikes against the attackers were widely applauded. Linc Pentonic, recognizing the
significance of the moment, sponsored an ad targeting school kids during exams to pay
tribute to the Central Reserve Police Force martyrs. The ad successfully motivated students
to be brave, ultimately becoming the subject of a case study. Watch the video for the
inspiring story behind the campaign.

Exam Warrior Film

See how Linc paid tribute to our soldiers who lost their lives in the Pulwama attack.