How Brand bazooka empowered Linc Pentonic to pay tribute to Pulwama martyrs

How Brand bazooka empowered Linc Pentonic to pay tribute to Pulwama martyrs

The Pulwama attack is not a forgettable event. It cut our hearts deep and we still shed tears over the loss of our brave soldiers. 40 of our finest men lost their lives. The whole nation was in a state of shock. Our hearts were filled with anger and grief. Be it the government, media or general public, everyone came together as one to condemn this attack and seek justice. Even the kids who were still in school were furious and wanted to do whatever they could. They all wanted to be warriors and take matters in their own hands.

As an act of retaliation, the attackers were punished with air strikes and many terrorist hideouts were destroyed. This brave move by the government was welcomed by every citizen as it sent a wave of gratification across the length and breadth of the nation. For most of us, the message was sent and justice was done.

When this wound was still fresh, Linc Pentonic gave us a brief. They wanted to come up with an ad during examinations, targeting school kids. It gave us an opportunity to do something and pay our tributes to the martyrs of the Central Reserve Police Force. After some brainstorming, we decided to dedicate this ad only to our brave soldiers who stand guard 24×7 to keep us safe thousands of kilometers away. When we took Linc through the idea, they were nothing less than thrilled. They did not think twice before giving it the green light.

Needless to say, the ad did both its job very well – it paid a tribute to our lakhs of soldiers and motivated school kids to be brave and face every challenge like a warrior. It became so successful that we were asked to create a small case study around it. Check out the video below to know how the whole idea came into being.

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