How Brand Bazooka Impowered Cushows to reach Quarterly Sales

Worth Rs. 1.4 Million and Monthly Roas of 2.8


Cushows sells cushions and pillows for sleeping ,setting and travelling purposes. Made with memory foam. Its products offer best quality and are suitable for today’s fast-paced lifestyle and for people suffering form back pain, cervical, snoring and other sleeping related problems. And new entrant in the market, cushows aims to lead the way while providing scientifically designed products that solve people’s problems and also offers them a premium quality product that the relay upon


The client give us specific objectives to be achieved in a short span of three months.

1 . To we achieve an initial ROAS of 2.5 and then increasing it to
2. To increase the sales and reach
3. To take the brand closer to its TG by raising brand awareness.


To ensure that we achieve all the objectives, we studies three things very closely.
1. Previous business data
2. Target audience’s behavior and interests
3. The Competitor

After our initial research, since the brand was new and had low awareness, we decided to use multiple features in our ads dashboard panel to test out multiple types of audience. Such as behavior base audience ,interest base audience, open targeting, lookalike audience, custom audience etc. we also dove deep into the ads its competitors were running to get a sense of playground .We went through them in detail- their propositions, captions, copies etc. along with their scale and budget research we design a plan for cushow to achieve its predefine objectives.


For cushows we opted for the funnel strategy to reach out to the right target audience, enhance visibility and sales and generate greater ROAS

We divided our strategy into three categories ,ie. Top of the funnel ,Middle of the funnel and bottom the funnel and created many ad campaigns for Facebook and Instagram targeting the categories separately .keeping pace with the new trends, we heavily focused on right placement and used Facebook stories . Facebook feed, messenger Instagram stories ,Instagram reels. Instagram Feed and Instagram Explore to take the product to its audience

1. We tested multiple ads using different communication and closely tracked their progress to understand which ads are giving the best result.
2. The we ran the winning ads on a large scale to make the most of their capability
3. We also retargeted the audience whenever the ads came to the middle of the funnel from the top of the funnel and accordingly also tweaked our communication to stay relevant of them.
4. The re-targeting helped in achieving the desired KPIs.

To Boost Visibility, awareness and sales we created a set of ‘offer based’ ads. The offers ads made the product irresistible for the audience and the felt compelled to try it. Our nicely designated landing page and website played a vital role to hook the audience. The detailed benefits of the product, both in ads and the landing page, came handy to make the customers journey smooth and informative .UGC (User Generated Content) and IGC (Influencer Generated Content) in the form of user testimonials and influencer ads also took the brand further its journey and impowered it to achieve desire result.


With the right optimization and creative strategy we were able to achieve a

472% Quarterly Revenue Growth

Where Cushows was struggling to take its ROAS to 1.5 ,we help to take it to 2.8 on a monthly basis ,During the process, The Roas also reached an all-time heigh of 9x ! which is a sign that we are o our way to reach the ROAS 4x shortly.</

1. With a total spending of little over RS. 6 lacs. We generated sales of little under 14 lacs
2. Our Conversation rate was 3.10 and average CTR was 50.
3. Over 60 lakh people were reached in three months and 679 order were placed.
4. Our website growth was 53% and quarterly growth in conversation rate was 99%.
5. The Quarterly AOV growth was 71 % and quarterly growth in order placed was a promising 204 %



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