healthcare domain is getting more attention from companies and customers alike. When we brought Ceragem on board, it gave us an opportunity to contribute towards people’s good health. The 15-year old brand trusted us with the most important task – creating a website. The brand that manufactures world-class machines that ease pain deserved an equally world-class website too. After a thorough analysis, we landed up on the perfect design that exuded class and comfort. After the website went live, we created many social media campaigns to push the brands deeper into its territories and reach out to a bigger customer base.

Ceragem is one such brand that truly cares for its customers’ health. Even during the pandemic it stood with its members and provided them with the best care possible. Brands like Ceragem are rare to come by. Through our work, we ensured to support it with our best efforts, just the way it supports its customers across its 450 plus centres. Have a look at its newly-crafted website that’s working as a bridge between the brand and its customers and some of the social media work complementing its service standards.

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