TVCs and digital films are a great way to grow. Greater reach with the right
strategy means greater conversions, greater conversions means greater
revenues and greater revenues means an unstoppable growth!


The best part about television commercials and digital films is that they can reach mass audiences. Be it airing an ad on a popular TV channel or boosting a video on a social media platform, one can expect an exceptional reach with TVC advertising and digital films. India alone has 210 million television viewing homes and 600 million smartphone users - Numbers that clearly show how with the right TVCs and digital ads, brands can reach and convert wider audiences.

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Indian consumers
trust TV ads

TV advertising is predicted to grow by 11.8%
CAGR between 2022-2027

Online video ads are trusted by 72%

Indian consumers

Video marketers get 66%

more qualified leads per year

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These numbers are extremely high
compared to many other mediums,
some of which have as small a
number as 29% of consumers
trusting them. Considering the fact
that for any ads or videos to work, it's
important for the audiences to trust
them, TVCs and online video ads are
tremendously effective.


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Choosing between TVCs
and digital films depends
upon a brand’s
communication objectives,
budget, target audience,
product or service
category and many other

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While TVCs give a brand a greater reach at once, digital films allow it to
break the 30-second rule and engage the audience for a longer period. With
the evolution of digital, with smartphones and laptops becoming an
everyday part of our lives, the digital film market witnessed an
unprecedented boom in the last couple of years. Yet, TVCs still remain the
preferred choice for millions of brands.

If your budget allows, then don’t choose between the two,
but use both together, with the help of a reputed TVC and digital ad film production company.


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A great number of consumers
use a second screen, usually a
smartphone or tablet, while
watching television.

Studies show that duplicated or
online + TV reach is much more
effective than the reach of either
platform alone.

Advertisers are now using TV to
push viewers to engage with
more detailed content online

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We are a TVC ad film making and advertising agency offering a complete range of TV commercial & digital ads services that suit your needs. As an award-winning agency with a proven track record of over 11 years, we have created TVCs and digital films for many national and international brands and empowered them to fulfil their objectives. Be it in real estate, FMCG, cosmetics, apparel, education, technology or any other category, we have come up with interesting solutions for our clients. Our experience, knowledge and a very competitive network of production houses help us offer the best services to our clients for their TV commercial or ad film production needs at an unmatched budget. You too can make the most of our expertise and create TVCs and digital films that will take your brand closer to your audience, help you increase your sales and expand the market.

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What our Clients say

What our Clients say


frequently asked questions

TVC means a television commercial. It is a video with a message that is paid for by an organisation which wants to reach the mass audience with its message. The message can be to create awareness, inform audience about something or influence them to act.

There are various tools online that help understand behaviour of the users. Depending on the research on their behaviour, digital films are made. These films are then released on various digital channels and directed towards those users who seem to be interested or have the potential to be interested in products that the film is selling. In many cases, digital films, for instance a YouTube or Facebook film, can also go viral organically thus reaching a wider set of audience than expected.

Can be targeted: Unlike the traditional TVCs which run on TVs for mass media, digital films can be targeted towards a particular set of audience. The ads can also be personalised based on their behaviour.
Easier to gauge effectiveness: There are various tools online that help understand how effective a particular digital film has been by giving details, such as how many people it reached, how many people clicked on it and more.
Cost effective: Digital films are cheaper compared to traditional films as they can be run on digital channels for way cheaper than on TV.

The cost of ad films depends on many factors such as the quality of the film needed, location, number of models/actors, number of shoot days and more. The release cost also depends on factors such as medium of release, time of release and more. To know how much your requirement would cost, give us a call and we will give you the best offer we can.

The best PPC strategy depends on many things. Such as: • Objective • Product type • Budget • Competition • Target audience • Previous performance Only when you consider all these points, an ideal strategy can be prepared. This is where we come in. Just get in touch with us and we will definitely help you with it.

Absolutely! SEO is a complex process and needs professional help. Here are 3 aspects of SEO that an expert can help you with.

  1. Website audit: An SEO expert examines your website and checks the analytics to understand what you are doing wrong and how you can improve.
  2. Keyword research: As easy as it may sound keyword research is quite complicated and requires expertise to arrive at the best list of words to be used in the content for a higher rank.
  3. Content creation: Anyone can create content. But content that is SEO optimised is possible only with the help of an SEO professional. Be it for off-page or on-page content the guidance of an SEO expert for both goes a long way.
  4. A non-expert can try pulling off what an SEO expert does. But the experience and expertise of a professional do make a huge difference to the ranking.

ROI is the return on investment. SEO ROI is the return on your SEO investment. In other words, it is the value generated by all your SEO practices in contrast to their cost.
It is an extremely important measure to understand if your SEO strategy or campaign is doing well or not. The higher the SEO ROI, the bigger the success of your SEO strategy or campaign.
It is one of the most common topics any SEO professional or agency has to address to its clients. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, any client who wants to invest his money and efforts in SEO practices will definitely ask how its success can be measured. The answer to that question lies in whether the SEO investment is giving the expected ROI or not. The formula for measuring SEO ROI is quite simple.
SEO ROI = (value of organic conversions - cost of SEO investments)/cost of SEO investments.
In other words, one needs to divide the SEO profit by SEO costs.

There are numerous people in the industry who call themselves SEO experts. But your job is to find out whether they are really experts or not, and if they are experts then whether they are the right fit for you or not. Do your research well, make a list of potential candidates and finalise one based on the following factors.
Track record: Find out if the candidate has a proven track record in the field of SEO. Check for his past work and whether he was really able to help brands that he worked on.
Professionalism: Have a call and try to understand how professionally he behaves. Ask him about his experience with other clients to get a rough idea about how he works professionally.
Expectations: Make a list of all your SEO expectations. Ask him if he can fulfil those. If he has previously worked on projects with similar deliverables as your expectations, it is definitely a plus point.
Charges: Ask him how much he would charge for services that you expect of him. See if it is under your budget and decide accordingly.