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2023 Digital Marketing Trends to Take Advantage of Now

29TH NOV 2022

2023 is coming. Are you ready to take advantage of the latest digital marketing trends in the coming year? Here are 9 trends you need to know and try.

1. The Metaverse

What is it?

The metaverse is a complex experience of virtual and augmented realities where audiences can connect. Many big brands have already announced metaverse experiences.

What should you do?

Metaverse is still in the experimental phase for many. Start researching about what other brands are doing or planning to do. Learn from them and start experimenting on your own for your business, if the budget allows.

2. Artificial Intelligence

What is it?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence processes by smart machines, especially computer systems. The branch of AI deals with building smart machines capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. These days, most channels of digital marketing work on AI and algorithms. It is the AI and algorithms that determine what the audiences see and engage with – be it search results or display ads.

What should you do?

Understand how the AI and algorithms are working for you, and create content and strategies as per them.

3. Customer Experience

What is it?

Customers’ experience is the customers’ feelings and perceptions caused by their interaction with the brand. Algorithms in digital marketing keep updating to provide one thing – good customer experience.

What should you do?

Focus on customer experience. Since all updates are aimed at improving customer experience, having customer experience-focused digital marketing strategies, protects you from future updates.

4. Short videos

What is it?

Videos in short formats like Instagram reels are taking the digital marketing industry by storm. Nowadays, a lot of tools have come in the market that help make, schedule and track the results of these types of videos, making them easy to post and track.

What should you do?

Start making short videos and posting them if you have not started already. Experiment with such videos and keep posting based on what works and what does not for you.

5. Short Messages

What is it?

Just like short videos, short format messages such as sound bites are gaining attention. Hence, more and more marketers are switching to crafting shorter and simpler messages.

What should you do?

strategize and create simple short messages for the audiences. Take long format messages and try turning them into short format ones. Release, see their effectiveness and keep improving.

6. Influencers

What is it?

An influencer is anyone who can influence an audience on social media into performing a particular action, be it participating in a contest or buying a product. The number of businesses using influencers to promote products and services is rising rapidly.

What should you do?

Get influencers on board. Find out which influencers are experts in the area of your product or services, or which influencers are followed by a large number of your potential customers and collaborate with them or have paid campaigns with them.

7. Employee Advocacy

What is it?

Employee advocacy is nothing but having employees talking positively about your business. Audiences trust the employees and hence, what your employees say about your brand and how they say it can make a huge difference in how your audiences perceive your brand.

What should you do?

Look for opportunities to engage your employees. Have training and motivation programmes to encourage your employees to speak well about your brand and business.

8. LinkedIn

What is it?

LinkedIn is a professional networking site designed to help people connect, share their experiences, resumes and find jobs. But what marketers often tend to forget is that this platform is full of opportunities when it comes to digital marketing and advertising, especially in the case of the B2B sector. Optimising digital marketing content for this platform will definitely help your business grow, if done the right way.

What should you do?

Do not forget LinkedIn when planning. Optimise content for LinkedIn and keep experimenting till you see good results.

9. Focus on Foundations

What is it?

What makes the foundation of digital marketing is its website, SEO, email, social media and digital ads. If the foundation is not strong, then the skyscraper of digital marketing is sure to collapse. So, it is important to make sure that the foundation is right and still strong.

What should you do?

Do not take foundations for granted. Focus on them and keep updating and improving them.


With the new year, a lot many trends, be it existing or new, will make a difference to the world of digital marketing. As marketers, it is important to be aware of all, to experiment with them and to use what works the best for your business and audience.
If you are looking for a digital marketing agency or a social media company to help you work with these trends for the coming year, you may want to get in touch with us, Brand Bazooka Advertising Pvt. Ltd., a digital marketing and social media agency that has effectively helped various big and small brands reach their digital marketing goals.
With that note, may your 2023 be digitally amazing.
Happy New Year in advance!

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Vineet is a self-taught, self-driven ‘think tank’ of Brand Bazooka. At the helm of the agency, he drives it forward with his impeccable knack for creative, design and strategy. His desire to create innovative solutions for clients reflects through the agency’s work. He has worked with and empowered various well-known brands, like Linc Pens,, Ebro Foods (Panzani Pasta), MySchool, Brightstar (A Soft Bank Company), Accor, Indostar, Kerovit to name a few.

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